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  Paul Hyde & Redemption's Promise: Paul Hyde, a thirty year veteran of Southern Gospel Quartet music traditionally as a bass vocalist, transitioned to a solo ministry in April of 2021. 2020 was a tough year with the Covid virus limiting the opportunities for ministry as a quartet! As we were building a brand new group, we had two radio singles to go out with some success but dates were sparce! We had more dates cancelled than we actually worked in 2020 but God was still faithful.


  Paul's favorite bass vocalist was the great George Younce of the Cathedrals Quartet. Paul has traveled with such groups as Temple, The Blackwoods, Won By One and The Florida Boys. Paul loves great accapella singing and his favorite song is "Had it not been". Paul was raised in the Catholic faith but was fortunate to accept the Lord at a Richard Hogue Crusade in Morristown, TN in 1973. Paul resides in Morristown, TN with his wife of twenty two years, Freda. Paul has three daughters, Leslie, Hannah and Maddy. Paul is also a seasoned ventriloquist and Christian story teller. Don't be surprised to be entertained in worship with a dummy or two!

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